We're always working on improving our CD packages - constantly searching for new sources of art - ever working on new fonts. Recently we discovered some remarkable new Celtic material, so it's time to update our Celtic package.

he first of our discoveries is the remarkable decorated edition of Tennyson's Idylls of the King by the Brothers Rhead (Louis, Charles, etc.). These arts and crafts era artists are perhaps more famous for their remarkable fly fishing books, but they had a great fascination with Arthurian themes. One of their harder to find works is this remarkable edition of Tennyson's epic poem, fully illustrated and decorated in a Celtic style. From this book we have collected beautiful celtic page borders, decorative initials and fanciful emblems which are ready to use for other projects. The borders are particularly useful because they are relatively narrow, leaving plenty of room on the page for text.

he other rare and wonderful source we've drawn on is Arthur Rackham's remarkable Irish Fairy Tales, which features extensive Celtic style decoration and marginalia, as well as unusual color plates of scenes from Irish myth, many with unique decoration like the one shown above and to the left. This new update of the Celtic package includes all of these illustrations and decorations.

As an additional bonus, this update also includes the recent Coverack font, our only Celtic font not already included in the package.

This is our most substantial update of the Celtic package to date. It adds more material than any of the previous updates, though this time the emphasis is more on art than fonts. This update also marks a change in the package. After the addition of this material, the Celtic package will be split into two CD packages, Celtic Visions and Celtic Fantasy. The former will emphasize Celtic decoration and practical fonts, while the latter will emphasize Celtic mythology and more fanciful fonts - the Rhead material will be in the Celtic Visions package, while the Rackham material will be in the Celtic Fantasy package. These two new packages will be $49 each. For those who have earlier editions of the complete Celtic package, those CDs can be updated to include all of the new material for only $29, including a new CD. If you don't have the earlier CD you can still order the two separate CDs for $49 each, or a single combined edition for $89 with all the fonts and all the art. To order or update just click here - CELTIC