The newest release of our horror collection features 29 fonts. The newest of these are Dementia, Halloweenies and Gehenna Extreme, but there are a lot of classics included as well. There really aren't any other sources where you can get so many truly unusual macabre fonts in one place. All of the fonts come in both Postscript and TrueType format for both Windows and the MacOS. They are easy to install and easy to use. You can download and try out samples of some of the new fonts from the bottom of this page and we'll put a new featured font on the page every week until Halloween..

The fonts which are now compiled on this CD were originally released in a series of separate smaller packages, but we can now offer them in a combined package on CD at an even better price. Some of the most recent additions are shown above, and you can find samples of the earlier inclusions below. You can find larger samples of any font by going to our FONT LIST

The 1998 version of the package added some of our most popular new fonts, including the mystical and intriguing Valdemar and Black Cow fonts, plus Veve - the first and only art font based on actual Voodoo symbology used for summoning Loa spirits. Valdemar was one of our best selling fonts of that year and has already appeared in book, movie and CD titles.

The 1997 additions to the collection include a selection of our eerie fonts based on the poster lettering of Art Nouveau master Alphons Mucha. Moravia and Gehenna are directly derived from Mucha's lettering, while Abaddon is a more original interpretation of his style. This set was also enhanced by the inclusion of two very unusual sets of Victorian period diabolic initials fonts, Netherworld and Otherworld. The original horror font set still forms the backbone of the collection, with the inclusion of some of our classic designs going back to Sanguinary (one of our first font releases in 1992) and other original designs like Mayhem, Mephisto and Golgotha.

All of the fonts and images on this site are available for purchase. Fonts can be ordered individually or as part of a discounted package. The images are only available as part of our combined Horror Fonts & Art CD. To order the package or individual fonts, just CLICK HERE, or just call us at 1-800-797-8973.

The new Sabanak font is our latest addition. It's a darky menacint Art Nouveau font with way too much ornamentation for sane people.

Download Sabanak for Windows (PKZip). Download Sabanak for MacOS (StuffIt).

The new Halloweenies font is one of our Halloween favorites. It's a fun set of halloween dingbats with a whimsical flavor. Great for kids. Look for new featured fonts here every week until Halloween.

Download Halloweenies for Windows (PKZip). Download Halloweenies for MacOS (StuffIt).